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About Judge Joy Goldbaum


IMGP5607Greetings friends,


MOST OF YOU ALREADY KNOW ME. I am Judge Joy Goldbaum and many of you supported me when I ran for my current position of Las Cruces Municipal Judge in 2017. I’m asking for your help again!


TWO YEARS AGO, I RAN FOR MUNICIPAL JUDGE BECAUSE I BELIEVE in progressive, evidence-based approaches to criminal justice. I told you how exciting new ideas like DWI courts, homeless courts, and other problem-solving courts can (1) reduce incarceration; (2) reduce costs to the public, and (3) enhance public safety. TREATMENT COURTS WORK, but in order to work, they have to be implemented.


I’VE SPENT THE LAST YEAR AND HALF EDUCATING MYSELF about problem-solving court structures and operations. I’ve pursued training on my own, and observed existing treatment courts in Las Cruces, and other New Mexico cities. IT’S TIME TO HAVE problem-solving courts in the Las Cruces Municipal Court.


I AM RUNNING FOR THE JOB OF MUNICIPAL JUDGE I, and asking for your vote. Municipal Judge I is the senior, or “presiding” judge. With the administrative authority that this position provides, I will at last be able to implement these progressive courts for our city and criminal justice system.


THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION IS NOVEMBER 5TH, 2019. This election will be done in ranked choice voting style (which you can learn about here). I need your help to make this a reality.



Judge Joy Goldbaum


The citizens of Las Cruces elected Judge Joy Goldbaum to serve as the associate Las Cruces Municipal Judge in 2017.  Since that time she has assisted in the award winning DWI/Drug Court in the Dona Ana County Magistrate Court at the request of that Court.  Judge Goldbaum needs your vote to be Chief Judge and bring such modern and evidence-based treatment options to the Las Cruces Municipal Court.  

Judge Goldbaum came to the Municipal Court  with an extensive history of public service.  She is determined to find alternatives to incarceration. She has been a Public Defender, a Domestic Violence Hearing Officer, a Child Support attorney, and a prosecutor. Her first concern is the safety of the community. She believes the best way to achieve safety is to change the conditions that lead individuals to drive drunk, and to address the root causes of addiction and homelessness in conjunction with a defendant’s court charges.

Get to Know Joy:

  • Joy loves her husband Norm and her pets Pepper, Trusty, Midnight, and George
  • Joy plays the ukulele
  • Joy loves exploring our National Parks and New Mexico wilderness on bicycle and on foot
  • Joy volunteers at the Fountain Theatre
  • In her spare time, Joy enjoys NFL Sundays, Mah Jongg, and java with friends

Top Five Reasons to Vote for Joy:

5. Joy will be fair and compassionate with each case in front of her
4. Joy is ethical and honest
3. Joy believes every person deserves respect and justice
2. Joy has been public interest lawyer in Southern NM for almost 30 years
1. Joy is qualified for the job and is asking for your vote!