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Letter from supporters



Dear Neighbor,  

We write in support of Judge Joy Goldbaum, who is running for Municipal Judge I this November.  The Municipal Judge I is the presiding judge and has administrative authority over the Municipal Court.

Two years ago, Las Crucens elected Judge Goldbaum to be Municipal Judge II. Since then she has worked hard to promote problem-solving courts in Las Cruces. We are writing to tell you that we need your support so that she can implement these programs at the Municipal Court.

Judge Goldbaum is qualified, honest, compassionate, and has been dedicated to serving the people of Las Cruces for nearly 30 years.

Before becoming a judge, Judge Goldbaum was a public interest lawyer in  Southern New Mexico. She spent 15 years as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division, and she has also worked as a Special Commissioner for Domestic Violence.  She has been a public defender and a prosecutor in New Mexico. She understands both sides of the courtroom, is comfortable handling a court docket, and is experienced working with self-represented parties.

Las Cruces will benefit from establishing problem-solving courts such as  Homeless Court and DWI/Drug Court. Homeless Court helps ensure that homeless defendants appear for their hearings and comply with their sentences.  It reduces the population of non-violent defendants detained in jail. And Homeless Court allows Law Enforcement to concentrate on violent and felony crimes. 

Keeping non-violent defendants out of jail is fiscally responsible for our city.  Homeless Courts help homeless individuals gain stability and stop the cycle of going from the street to jail and back to the street again.

Problem-solving courts work and make communities safer, but in order for them to work, they have to be implemented.  We need a Municial Judge I who will take a modern, evidence-based approach to the City’s justice system. The Municipal election is November 5thWhen you go to vote, vote for Judge Joy Goldbaum as your #1 choice for Municipal Judge I.

Thank you!


Shirley & Mike Armstrong

Jane Asche

Connie Chapman

Evelyn Madrid Erhard

Cheryl Fallstead

Katya Gonzalez & James Caufield

Roberta Gran

Bettie Green

Dr. Bobbie Green & Howard Guion

Judy Harmon

Dr. Liz Rodriguez-Johnson

Charlotte Lipson

Tito Marquez

Rorie & Ed Measure

Jerry Nachison

Cliff Pelton

Grant & Tenya Price

Chris Ramsey

Reba & Rich Renner

Maggie & Shannon Reynolds

Elisa Sanchez

Rosemarie Sanchez

David and Ilene Steele

Jan Thompson

Melinda Whitley

Lisa Willman

Julie Woody